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SmartView 3 with collector - Details

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SmartView 3 with collector

Software Collector/SmartView 3 - Lufft
Functions overview of SmartView3 1.8.2 (as of 2011)
(up to 5 stations)
(up to 300 stations)
data transfer        
quantity of weather stations max. 5 unliwithed max. 5 unliwithed
types of stations
station type OPUS200 (on-and offline)
station type OPUS2 (on-and offline)
station type UMB (online)

station type HP 100 (offline)
Read sensor configurations all types all types all types all types
change sample and storage rate and memory mode
for OPUS200 for OPUS200 for OPUS200 for OPUS200
station type "import"
station type "TLSoIP"
station type "Boschung TLS"
station type  "MSSI"
station type  "NTCIP"
transfer camera picture via FTP
transfer camera picture via HTTP
transfer camera picture via MSSI
transfer camera picture via NTCIP
TCP/IP (station with COM Server or CDMA/GPRS Modem with fixed IP address or DynDNS support)
modem (TAPI)
PPP (camera picture only)
PPP (for NTCIP )
fixed (e. g. every 20 minutes)
no transfer at special night periods
(e. g. not between 10.00 p. m. and 5.00 a. m.)
special times
Modem poll        
max quantity of modems unliwithed unliwithed unliwithed unliwithed
"Modem Pools" (poll stations with dedicated modems)
Recalculation of values        
re-scale data before storing in the database
mapping of data before storing in the database
(e. g. change of road conditions codes)
Clock synchronization        
synchronization of device clock (datalogger) through PC clock device clock can be UTC or local time (with or without summertime adjustment)
Calculation channel
calculation of sensor data as "calculation channel" according to delivered raw data. Immediately: scale of raw data for a configurable coefficient, generation of sum/average/minimum value/maximum value for a specific period of time, mapping of the values
Logic sensor types        
same presentation of channels of different stations such as OPUS200 and OPUS208 and UMB
hide/delete measured values of channels dependent upon another channel (e.g. hide freezing point if no residual salt is detected)
Backup/archive of data
time-controlled automatic backup of full database
time-controlled deletion of old data in database
(including backup of data before deletion starts)
time-controlled compression of data in the database including backup before compression starts (reduction of data down to one value per hour/day)
time-controlled deletion of "old" camera pictures in the database (including backup of data before deletion starts)
restore of backup-data - including deletion of compressed data before restoring process starts (if the backup is the result of a data compression)
automatic transfer of backup-file onto a server via FTP
User access administration        
administration of users / functions and user groups
admission to functions for users/groups
create/delete stations
edit/view configuration of a station
create/delete website    
change configuration of website    
edit/view configuration of website    
create/change user
change configuration data of software
manual export/import
automatic export/import    
export of configurable values
of one or more stations in one file
export in "CSV" format incl. parameter settings    
import in "CSV" format incl. parameter settings    
export as a "Hex Dump of a TLS Telegram"    
export in "XML" format incl. parameter settings    
scale of data for export
(e. g. recalculation of m/s into km/h)
mapping of data for export
(e. g. recalculation of road conditions codes)
scale of import-data
before storing the data in the database
mapping of import-data
before storing the data in the database
configuration of export/import jobs
(mainly for plan disease calculations)
different export-import modules such as disease
calculation models, dew point calculation, road
forecast (24h)
External software modules for export/import        
external software module for the dew point and vaporation pressure calculation
external software for the combined road condition calculation
external software for the calculation
"alarm road condition"
External modules for agricultural applications        
Apple Scab (Venturia inequalis)
Onion: Downey Mildew (Peronospora destructor)
Onion: Neck Rot (Bortytis squamosa)
Carrot Alternariosis (Alternaria dauci, A. radicina)
Potato: Late Blight (Phytophtora infestans)
Fire Blight (Erwinia amyloflora)
Strawberry: Grey mould (Botrytis cinera)
Beetroot: Leaf Spot (Cercospora spp.)
Grape Vine Downey Mildew
(Plasmopara viticola)
Grape Vine Powdery Mildew (Unicula necator)
Bortytis Bunch Rot (Botrytis cinerea)
Selyesninov Hydrothermal Coefficient
Calculation channels        
internal calculation of sensor data as "calculation
channel" according to imported raw data.
scale of raw data for a configurable coefficient,
generation of sum/average/minimum value/maximum
value for a specific period of time; differential calculation
with previous value; mapping of the values in a
configurable table
Control of automatic import/export        
export if new data has been stored
time-controlled export (e. g. every 5 minutes)    
flexible definition of time-interval
for export based on start-uptime
export and execution of a software program    
export and automatic transfer of a file via FTP    
export and execution of a software program and
import of the calculated result (e. g. disease model
FTP transfer of files before import starts    
time-controlled FTP transfer of files
including "Wildcard" support
automatic deletion of files transferred
via FTP after transfer has been finished
import of files including "Wildcard" support    
automatic deletion of import files after import has
been finished
Visualization of data as "website"        
indication of stations' status (last data transfer, transfer success) in a table    
indication of stations' status (last data transmission,
transfer success) on a static map
indication of (selected) sensor data in a "pop-up"
window by "scroll over" with the mouse on a station,
on the static map
indication of status-information and current values of
stations on "stations-page" per station
indication of camera-picture on
"stations-page" of a station
graphic indication of the current value on the "station
page" in the form of an analog-instrument
indication of reports (day/month/year) with
sum/average and extreme values during the report
period of time, on the "station page"
automatic generation of "data pages" to indicate the
data in the given time interval, day/week/month/year
(diagram and table)
selectable "data pages" including current values from
sensors of different stations and different storage
intervals (day/week/month/year) on one page
selectable line and status (bar) diagrams on
"data-pages"; line diagrams with up to 4 different
Y-axes (units). scale of line diagrams manually or
automatically-no other periods
indication of reports (depending on configured period
for the station pages) with average/sum and extreme
values on the period of time, on the station page
management of "pages-archive" for data pages
(historic measurements)
automatic transfer of admission rights on to website/
webserver (cia .htaccess - function has to be active
on web-server)
automatic erasure of archive pages
prior to configured period of time
free configuration of text elements for data pages
and stations pages
archive of pictures    
easy configuration of stations pages and data pages
via templates
overview-table with current readings of all stations    
configuration of time-offsets for stations in different
time zones
Group-status page(s) with sensor values and camera pictures
freely configurable diagrammes with data from the
last 12/24 hours on the stations' pages
optional hide function of "non-available" measured
values (e.g. residual salt with TLS)
several linked map layers    
separate configuration of "pop-up information"
to the stations (sensor value) from the overview table
option of several overview tables
(per map representation)
optional automatic adjustment of map size
to browser window
"Only camera" stations (stations without sensors)
identification of stations with cameras /only camera
on the map representation with corresponding icons
menu optionally as a "hierarchical pop-up menu"    
nested/hierarchichal grouping of stations
in the pop-up menus
Warnings and alarms        
configuration of high and low threshold per sensor;
generation of warnings/alarms if value is out of liwiths
alarm message if station cannot be polled    
alarm message if import file cannot be used    
in case of alarms, generation of email message (station
could not be polled, sensor delivers error, sensor
delivers error value/import, sensor delivers error /
import, sensor delivers alarm value) to one or more
destination addresses
warning/alarm based on a condition value (road state)    
SMS messages including alarm/warning contents to
one or multiple destinations
warning/alarm in case of violating selected thresholds    
selectable time frames for SMS alarms transmissions    
configuration of minimum time intervals between
alarm messages
configuration of time to repeat alarm messages    

Software SmartView3 for 5 stations maximum

= data sheets as *.pdf

= instruction manual as *.pdf

= database tables V1.9.0 as *.pdf

= data sheet as *.pdf

= instruction manual as *.pdf

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